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SS21 – Tommy Hilfiger: Moving Forward Together
Moving Forward Together. The world won't change by itself. And sure, it’s easier to live in the one we've been given than to stand up and try to change it. But if not us, then who? The future is coming, ready or not. And together, we can build a version we all want to live in. Tommy Hilfiger invites you work together with them to build a better future and contribute towards positive change. They have introduced 7 new members to their crew, including singer-songwriter Tom Grennan, who all strive for a society that gives back and welcomes all. Tom Grennan shares his stories and inspires us to give back to our community in big ways and small. From doing neighbours’ groceries during lockdown to advocating for mental health charities, having overcome serious setbacks of his own, Grennan is passionate about paying his good fortune forward. “Helping each other is the most important thing. If there’s more smiles and less frowns, then we'll be living in a better place.” – Tom Grennan
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